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Professional Carpet Cleaning

Many John Day, Oregon property owners may believe that a few spot treatments a month and some vacuuming is enough to care for your carpets. While this may make carpets look clean in your John Day, Oregon property, this doesn’t mean your flooring is truly clean. Deep carpet cleaning is important for all area home and business properties, as it preserves the life of your carpet while improving the quality of the air you breathe.

Rainbow International Restoration uses a full six step carpet cleaning process that ensures the deep cleanliness of your floor coverings. This process dives deep into the fibers of the carpet, removing any dust, dirt, allergens, or debris that may be present. With professional tools and expertise, Rainbow International Restoration carpet cleaning services are able to do a more effective job than any store-bought carpet cleaners on the market in John Day, Oregon.

In other words, your carpets and area rugs will never be cleaner or look better than they do after our services.

If you’re ready to experience the benefits of professional carpet cleaning at your home or business, it’s time to contact your local Rainbow International.

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I highly recommend Rainbow International! They did an excellent job, and were able to fit us in right after I called and their rates were by far the best I found. They take great pride in their work and that was apparent on the job they did. Our carpets look absolutely amazing!! They were also able to remove ink and glue stains on an ottoman making it look brand new. Best part was the technician's personality - friendly, personable, listened to and addressed all of my concerns. I have tried other places in the area and this place is by FAR the best. I will definitely be using their services again. 
Thank you so much, I like walking into my house again:-)
- Julie

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Benefits of Commercial Carpet Cleaning

  • Creating the best first impression – From employees to important clients, first impressions start when a person walks through your doors. A freshly cleaned or regularly cleaned carpet will start that great impression from the ground up.
  • Extend the life of your carpet – The debris that is tracked onto carpets will break down fibers over time. This break down of the fibers will shorten the life of your carpet, and bring down the investment made in your John Day, Oregon home or business. Rainbow International Restoration carpet cleaning ensures that the debris harming your carpets is cleared away
  • Keep employees and customers healthy – Routine carpet and rug cleaning helps remove unhealthy contaminants and allergens from your business.

Benefits of Residential Carpet Cleaning

  • Remove stubborn odors – Pet stains, spilled food or beverages, and tracked in debris can all cause odors to set into your home or business carpet. Professional carpet cleaning with Rainbow International Restoration in John Day, Oregon takes out these odors and leaves you with a fresh and clean space once again.
  • Reduce allergens – Dust, dander, and mites can settle into the fibers of your carpet and exasperate allergies and worsen asthma symptoms for all within your space. With professional carpet cleaning services, allergens are removed to leave behind a healthier environment
  • Improve appearance – A shabby carpet can bring down the appearance of your John Day, Oregon home or business quickly. In order to keep the space a relaxing and positive one, caring for your floor coverings is a must. Professional carpet cleaning with Rainbow International Restoration brings the life back into your carpets once again. What you’re left with is a fresh and beautiful space you can relax or work in and be proud of.

What’s That Stain on My Carpet?

Sick of playing the stain guessing game? Let your local Rainbow International blast away stubborn stains. Our industrial carpet cleaners and professional processes will help obliterate stains from your area rugs, carpets and other upholstered surfaces.

What’s Hiding in my Carpet?

From dander to mold and mildew – sometimes it’s the substances we can’t see that pose the biggest threat to your property and health. At Rainbow International, our commercial and house carpet cleaning services are designed to clean and remove what you can and can’t see. For more information about the dangers hiding in your dirty carpet, check out our blog: What’s Hiding in Your Carpet?

Need more info on a specific stain? Ketchup, lipstick, rust or mud giving you a problem?

Our Carpet Cleaning Process

Our professional carpet cleaning and care process, which applies to commercial and residential locations, consists of six proven steps. When you hire a Rainbow International technician to clean your home’s carpets and rugs, you can expect this process:

  1. A deep vacuuming using agitation and high-quality filters removes a substantial percentage of particulates
  2. The application of a preconditioning solution separates and suspends the soil from the carpet fibers
  3. Agitation of the preconditioning solution ensures maximum contact between the solution and the fibers
  4. Using truck mounted equipment, hot water extraction is used to remove the suspended soils
  5. Grooming helps restore the carpet pile, improving the overall appearance of your carpeting
  6. Thoroughly drying the carpeting and rugs before we go prevents damp carpet odors. Most carpets would take two to six hours to dry on their own

Steps will be taken to expedite the drying process, however, expect the carpet to remain damp for 4 to 6 hours depending on the amount of cleaning solution used and indoor conditions. The use of ceiling fans or the HVAC system can help speed up the drying process. Opening windows could potentially slow down the drying process.

Why Stop at Carpet Cleaning?

Rainbow International offers a full range of cleaning and restoration services designed with homeowners and commercial business owners in mind. When you call to schedule your next carpet cleaning, don’t forget to ask about these additional services:

Why Choose Rainbow International Residential and Commercial Carpet Cleaning?

Our service professionals are fully certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), the leading authority on professional carpet cleaning standards. Our full range of cleaning and restoration services means we can tackle several problems at once. If your carpets, rugs, upholstered furniture or other soft surfaces have stubborn stains or are emanating odors, Rainbow International provides same-visit solutions.

With more than 30 years of experience, our local teams utilize the most advanced equipment, innovative technologies and a built-in accountability system to complete every job right. We guarantee that our uncompromising commitment to excellent service and customer satisfaction will create a repeat customer out of you.

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There’s a Rainbow on the Other Side

Remember how your carpet looked the day it was installed? And how your area rug looked when you first laid it down? Carpet cleaning services from Rainbow International will reverse the effects of time, refreshing and renewing your entire home.

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